The Band


Mark Walker

Mark Walker

  • Bill Robinson (vocals)
  • David Christensen (vocals)
  • Mark Walker (drums)
  • Mark Whipple (bass)
  • Tom Ranken (guitars and vocals)

Guest Stars:

  • Samantha Paxton (vocals)
  • JT Ranken (guitar and bass)
  • Jack Whipple (guitar)

In the past, we called ourselves the New Johnny Bravo Rock Band (and The Next and Cold Harbor…).  Former members and friends include:

David Christensen of the Ranken File rock band

David Christensen

  • Reuel Batayola (drums)
  • Jamie Fisher (bass and vocals)
  • Chet Kane (bass)
  • Jim Knapp (drums)
  • Greg Moring (keyboards, guitar, and vocals)
  • Reid Schadt (bass)
David Christensen of the Ranken File, a hot Seattle rock band

David Christensen (with Jim Knapp on drums)


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  1. Sounded good when I caught ya at the boxcar! Lets do a show together. Stevie Ray Guns can open for ya !! -Patrick

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